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Entertainment Schedule



Fire Performance - Leopard Lass  5:00pm
 Suspension by Transition & Bslice.com  7:00pm 


 Fire Performance - Leopard Lass   5:00pm
 Saskia De Muir - Bazinga Burlesque   5:15pm
Ladies of Ink Contest   5:30pm
Suspension by Transition & Bslice.com   8:00pm


 Classic Fitness Competitions  1:00pm 
Vivienne Von Coffin - Bazinga Burlesque   4:00pm
Fire Performance - Leopard Lass   4:15pm
Suspension by Transition & Bslice.com   4:30pm


Entries close on the
10th January 2017

1st Prize:
  • $2,000 cash Sponsored by Inkjecta.
  • Photoshoot package valued at $1,895 Sponsored by Black Canvas Photographers.
  • Feature spread in the International Magazine.

Runner up prize:
  • Photoshoot package valued at $615 Sponsored by Black Canvas Photographers.

The 10 Finalists::
  • Photoshoot package valued at $95 Sponsored by Black Canvas Photographers.


Entry is Free but you must be over 18 years of age.

Categories are Bikini, Australiana and "Nasty".

The 10 finalists will be selected by a jugdging panel headed up by Sarah Gray, soon to be Australia's most heavily tattooed female surgeon. All finalists will perform on stage on Saturday evening of the 3 Eyes Tattoo Convention.

To enter fill in the form and return to the organisers, dont forget to include a brief bio about yourself, your interests, your tattoo history and 3 attach 3 photos.

Further information can be found by emailing Sarah Gray This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Guest Judge Sarah Gray

Sarah is a freelance model for Dark Starr Inked Models, last year she became the face of Inkjecta and is the current Girls of Ink Winner at the Australian International Tattoo and Body Art Expo for Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Runner-up in Perth.

Joining Sarah on the judging panel is Chelsea Gabriellee, a well known cover model from the USA, Dolce Onyx, Miss Inked Aus 2016 and Renee Nolan, publisher of The International Magazine.







Top 10 Finalists

Pixie is 28 years old and a fitness and beauty loving girl, who enjoys yoga, dancing and working out!

She has been a cover model for Inked Magazine as well as featuring in Inked Girls and Zoo Weekly.
She has had major success within the SuicideGirls including hosting their BlackHeart Burlesque tour all around America and Australia and has been one for 4 years.

She works for the company running their Instagram page & recruiting SuicideGirls from all around the world.
She has 35 tattoos from different artists around the world, including 2 from her favourite artist & good friend Alex Strangler.
Alex Alex is 22 years old and is currently studying patisserie whilst working in fashion retail.

She has a beloved French Bulldog named Mila and her fiancé Jake Danielson is here tattooing today.
She enjoys hanging out with Mila and sleeping or eating good food.

Alex started getting tattooed at aged 18 and considers herself a collector.
She is fast running out of room but is excited about a new project that her and fiancé Jake are planning for her next piece!
Teisha is 22 years old and comes from a small country town in North west Victoria.

She works with horses for a living and has quite a few unusual pets, including a camel, emu and donkeys.
She loves travelling to support her favourite AFL team, the Doggies.

Teish started getting tattooed at the age of 15 and is well underway to completing an entire bodysuit.
Her favourite piece is her Marilyn Monroe chest piece done by Benjamin Laukis, at Black Mark tattoo.
Nadine Nadine loves the gym and travelling and for the past 3 years has been a bit of a gypsy and seen almost all of Australia but is now based in Adelaide.

She is an entertainer and showgirl and loves spending time with her family and friends.
She has an interest in nutrition and fitness & plans on studying it later this year.

She always had low body confidence and used her tattoos to cover her imperfections and has since become addicted to her ink!
Each one of them has a special meaning to her at the time and she hopes to one day be almost covered.
Dee is 40 years old and a professional makeup artist and beauty therapist who loves the gym/yoga & reading.

She is relatively new to the inked modelling world but in just 6 months has been published in a few magazines and has launched her own clothing line.
She volunteers for the “Look good feel better” program, which teaches women who are going through chemo how to apply makeup and improve their self confidence.

She started getting tattooed in her early 20’s but they have since been covered by BJ and Jayden at addicted to Ink in Melbourne and has other pieces collected from Australian and Indonesian artists including Paul Usic from Frankie Lees Tattoo Parlour.  
Belz Belz in 32 and a mum of 3 working at Holden as a service advisor. She describes herself as “one of the guys” with makeup and heels being foreign to her.

She is a lover of all sports and is still playing netball at a B grade level.
She suffers from social anxiety and depression so this is a huge step out of her comfort zone & she is doing this comp to show those around her that are suffering that you can build yourself back up from the darkness of your own mind and that things get better!

Most of her tattoos have been created by the uber talented Jayden Pengilly from Frontyard Tattoo.
Sam is 27 years old who in her spare time is an artist painting under the name “Kiss my Picasso” doing mostly nerdy pop art.

She also loves riding motorbikes and playing the piano.
Her interest in tattoos begun at 14 when she watched her mum get her first tattoo, who then took her to get her first one by her side at age 16.

She struggled with depression as a teenager and after self harming she found her love and comfort in tattooing by being able to cover her scars with beautiful art.
She collects tattoos as a reminder of moments in her life. 
Chantel Chantel is 22 years old and is the mother to 3 beautiful girls, a 5 year old and her 2 year old twins.

Being a young mum with tattoos she has been judged harshly, but never let this dampen her outlook on life and has made her a stronger person.
She hopes to one day have a complete body suit.

She got her first tattoo at 18, for her daughter. She started wanted only black and grey tattoos but her artist convinced her to try colour and now she hasn’t looked back!
The brighter the better.
Her collection is related to her love of birds, feathers, skulls, her love of dance and her children and she hopes to purse work as a tattoo model.
Cat is 22 years old from Melbourne and is a signed internationally published model and actress.

She is a burlesque performer and cosmetic tattooist at Cabinet of Curiosities and has fallen in love with the tattoo industry since she started in mid 2016.
She began collecting tattoos from the age of 18 from Aaron Piechocinski when he was an apprentice and has continued to be tattooed by him over the past 4 years.

Her favourite tattoo is the matching one that he did for her and her husband on the day he proposed to her.
She has also been tattooed by Carly Van Heusden who did her beautiful chest piece. 



Since slinking onto the scene in 2013, LeopardLass has toured the world circuits with her uniquely stylised acts, which sees her fusing traditional sideshow stunts with the sex appeal of burlesque.

A graduate of the Coney Island Sideshow School in New York, LeopardLass was not content to perform with her sideshow skills alone, so set about creating classic acts to encompass more of the traditional ideology of bump and grind burlesque. Her “Tutti Frutti” act won her the title of Miss Bump’n’Grind at the Miss Burlesque Australia Grand Final in 2015.

LeopardLass’s most recent success has been in the development of her “Flaming Assels”. Having toured in the USA, UK, Australia, Ireland and Rome, touted as the “Pioneer of the Flaming Assel”, she has set audiences hearts on fire as she twerks across their stages, booty ablaze in a fierce showcase of fire play.


Vivienne Von Coffin

 Vivienne Von Coffin from Bazinga Burlesque followed her inner showgirl and stopped merely applauding and started tassle twirling.

Now this bombshell's sizzling performances have the crowds stomping and clapping for her!

Vivienne is the Burlesque Idol Adelaide 2015. Performing on stage at 3 Eyes on Sunday afternoon. 
Vivienne Von Coffin  

Saskia de Muir

 Saskia de Muir from Bazinga Burlesque is the current reigning Miss Ink Australia, sporting a Doctor Who sleeve, Saskia has been delighting Adelaide and Perth audiences with her witty parodies of her favourite genre Sci-Fi.

Performing on stage at 3 Eyes early Saturday evening.

 Saskia de Muir

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